My zone of genius is the intersection
between science and woo.

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My second book in the Happiness Series.
On Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kindle.

Online Happiness 


I run a masterclass on happiness a few times a year because I get so excited seeing people make epic changes in their lives. I love being able to facilitate the plot twists that lead to happier ever after stories!

**New Topic**

For Professional Women: Bedroom to Boardroom

Why we feel unwanted, unhappy, and unloved in our relationships.

How can you be healthier and happier?

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You don't have to figure this out on your own. You don't have to spend years wondering how to make your life what you've always wanted. I have books, workshops, and programs crafted with experience and know-how to quickly guide you to a healthier and happier space.

How to Be Happier Workshops

These are very-well attended!
*Lately most of these have been for private groups and functions and are not open to the public.
However, you may book me to facilitate a workshop for your group or to speak to your organization on happiness, self-care, emotional intelligence, or resilience in life.

Other books in the series

My Happiness Book, on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

A lighthearted and approachable book to start the conversation of how can I be happier? Suitable for most ages:)

WHY Holistic?

I have tried to approach health from a purely mental and a purely physical sense, both for my self and my clients.

Unfortunately neither way held the solution.

Finally, I understood the truth... that anything impacting us on one plane will bleed through to the others. 

Understanding the role of mind - body - spirit - emotions and HOW to access each of these centers and HOW to balance across all of them is crucial for our health, wellness, happiness, and success. - Becky

I also offer select guidance programs in these areas:

understanding and achieving more happiness

your holistic health

holistic career or small business success

spirit apprenticeships



Do you insta? I can be found @beckyhowellcoach

KW, Washington, D.C.

"For the past few months, I have been planning and preparing for an exciting (and, quite possibly, a life-changing) transition, both professionally and personally. I recently hit a road bump and, as I often do, started doubting and second-guessing myself. Becky helped to calm my anxiety and fears about the unknowns and the "what ifs" by working with me to identify the source of my (irrational) fears and skepticism. She helped me refocus on the real reason I am doing this and how this leap is an important part of my own journey and will help me get many steps closer to aligning my life with my priorities."

SF, Leeds, Eng.

Becky is an exceptional woman.  She embodies such a strength and she really holds a space for her clients that feels utterly safe and enabling.  I had gremlins locked up in me that Becky unearthed, and totally blew my mind. I didn't even realise! And yet, these same gremlins were holding me in a place of fear, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.  She made me laugh and cry throughout the session as I experienced insight after insight.  And even afterwards, more insight came up as though she'd unlocked a part of my brain.

Anxiety manifests in so many ways and we don't even realise it.  I urge you, if you are not showing up as your true self, you NEED Becky in your life!