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New book is available now!!

My Happiness Handbook

I am so excited to share my newest book.


This walks you deeper into your unconscious patterns around happiness and shows you how to release all the excess baggage you have been unknowingly carrying around. 

My Happiness Handbook is chock full of techniques, tactics, and background information so that you can work thru the questions to uncover a way to be happier and more resilient.

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This is the second book in My Happiness series. 

"Becky Howell's "My Happiness Handbook" creates a compassionate guide to encourage self-reflection and uncovering our own unique purpose in life. This book reveals valuable exercises to help you question your own thought patterns, the past experiences that stick with you, and gives you back the reigns to identify what really makes you happy. This book nails it on the head by addressing negative thought cycles and invites you to see yourself from a bird's eye view. After reading, I've identified my happiness scale, the best ways to help myself out of my mental thought loops, and I have greater perspective about how I create a more balanced life. Perfect book for those looking to become more self-reflective. "


- Sarah Buckman, Outreach Coordinator for Common Ground Co-Op.

What people are saying about 

My Happiness Handbook!

"Becky's book is the perfect practical handbook to help you take the necessary steps towards creating happiness in your life. I love that she walks you through the basics - most of us are really good at defining what we do NOT want in our lives or knowing what we think we SHOULD want, and Becy's book walks you through identifying what it is that YOU really want on a deeper level. This is conscious living taught step-by-step! Thank you, Becky!"

- Jessica May Tang, Confidence Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

First book of the Happiness Series

My Happiness Book is a blend of light hearted drawings with leading questions and deeper self discovery.


This book effortlessly meets people where they are at, and holds the space simultaneously for both deep digging and fun entertainment. 

I first grokked that happiness is elusive for people when I was writing at a local coffee shop. I am a people watcher, and was looking at faces and reading body postures. People were stressed, distracted, angry, sad, overwhelmed... but very few displayed happiness.
So I started spending more time watching and waiting (creeping) for happiness to bubble out of those around me - yet it happened so rarely!
Even for myself it was rare! I remembered being occasionally happy as a child,
carefree, and playing. But the realities and pressure of adult hood soon swamped
me. How could I waste time on something so frivolous as happiness when people
are starving?! The planet is dying?! Human rights! Water quality! Gun control?!
My clients need.... my family needs... I need to do... on and on and on.
Yes... I was prone to seeing the glass half empty, coupled with a burning need to
save the world meant I was not CAPABLE of making time to play, to find joy.
There was always 'work' to do. And it was this realization that I needed to find a
way to justify being happy and play that brought me reeling back around.
Because I finally realized I CAN be the creator of my own happiness.  
It simply isn't anyone else's job.
You are your own Creative Director of Happiness.
When did we accept this idea that life is supposed to be depressing, utilitarian, and devoid of joy?
When did we decide that being happy took up too much time or was selfish? 
This book is a great start to exploring the ideas of happiness and how they apply to you.
Suitable for almost all ages.

I created the first few steps to being happier and shared them in My Happiness Book.

Thanks for reviews on

My Happiness Book!

"My Happiness Book" by Becky Howell is wonderfully written, easily accessible, and full of information about contemporary theory. Accompanied by charming illustrations by Annika Suoma Frey, Becky makes modern science simple and elegant."
 -Dr. Brian King, psychologist, comedian and author of "The Laughing Cure."

I loved how Becky summed up the history of mindset and what her happiness teachers have taught her. I was most drawn to her mother's belief that 'happiness is a conscious daily choice'. The exquisite art on every page has a childlike essence that soothes the Soul and unlocks one's own creative center. I am thrilled that Becky has a happiness workbook in order for her readers to continue their journey of self-love and happiness.

-Linda Vettrus-Nichols, Transformational  Performance Improvement Coach

I highly recommend My Happiness Book, by Becky Howell, it is a beautiful, light yet profound, book intended to guide you toward finding your happiness! Happiness, that most wonderful, but often elusive state, has been the desire of humans since time immemorial. It has been pursued in almost every manner possible. Humans want to be happy but struggle with how to “find” and engage happiness. With this book, Howell has created a brilliant guide that provides points that may be contemplated at your leisure or may be points of departure for a truly in depth, philosophical exploration of what happiness is. 

- Kathryn E. Jackson, author of "Bartered Souls."  

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