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Branding, Photography, Audio-Visual Support
This aspect of Holistic Success is just so much creative fun! I adore asking people to think bigger, to dream wider, and to really see what they have to offer. My clients are amazed when I reach in and draw out of them the goods that they can't find in themselves. 
What are the options?
  1. Photography, quick film, or full Audio-Visual package for your equine event.
  2. Filming riding, in-hand, or therapy during lessons, clinics, rodeos, etc.
  3. MOST POPULAR: Transitioning equine businesses to online educational frameworks.
  4. Take part in my Branding Two Day Intensive program with a custom professional photo shoot to support your new look and feel. 
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The biggest impact is when you are free to fully express your passion. The energy and emotion found in your heart will reach out and speak to others. Nothing must interfere with this exchange.

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Be genuine.

Branding Two Day Intensive 

I focus on the equestrian and wellness (therapeutic & alternative) industries only. I believe to truly understand someone from the inside out - you need to speak their language and live in that space. My clients need to tell their story through images that are flattering, accurate, eye-catching, and on-brand.


By getting very specific in what you want, we'll sculpt something that looks, feels, and is in alignment with how you want to do business. 


Branding Intensives are fast paced, strong, and intense. Be prepared to get honest immediately. I take what I do seriously and for us to have a successful end result... I need you to be ready to go deep quickly with what you want, what you want to attract, who you want to be, how you want to show up, how you want your grown-up and profitable business to resonate with your potential clients.

Good branding does a lot of heavy lifting, sets the tone for client interactions, and makes you more confident in what you are bringing to the table.


You worked hard to build your expertise. It's time to share what you know. Your story will inspire and motivate others.

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Be the original.

Educational Package

From designing the top-down view, to writing the class using your material, to organizing into lessons, making it a complete learning experience with quizzes, assignments, or modifying things to suit... Let's not forget battling the little gremlins that say you don't know enough or have enough to share (looking at you!) to getting your whole funnel set. My team and I have done it all.


We shoot onsite with multiple cameras, lights, mics, and all the goods to transfer what is in your head into a VIVID online representation. Although... we can even get around on-location shoots if necessary:)

We also understand horses, are comfortable working with horse professionals, and can also provide post-production marketing, affiliate, referral, and B2B contacts.

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