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The truth is most people are zombies, which is creepy.

Humans are are meant to live at much higher frequencies and to have connections to their environment, to themselves, and to their higher power.


And when this framework fails... we become lost, depressed, anxious, powerless, voiceless, and sick. 

I have totally been there. Angry, confused, depressed, sick, alone in a marriage. Wanting to run and hide. Wanting more with no idea how to get it.

Finding my way back has definitely been a journey and I know I still have further to go... but now... that is an exciting prospect, rather than another source of frustration or despair.

Like many of us, I had lived most of my life inside my head and I was so habituated to thinking I could logic my way out of any issue. It was hard to give up that hubris and ego, to realize there are times when experiencing, feeling, and knowing need to take the place of thinking.


I was no better off than anyone else that gets stuck. I got sick, got down, and effing stayed there until I was desperate enough to change.


1) First, I had to learn how to find my way back to Physical health.

I founded Essential Healing Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork in 2007 as a direct result of needing to learn how to heal my body.

I have learned aromatherapy, massage and various bodywork modalities, several forms of energy medicine, Reiki, organic living, toxicology and Chemistry, energetic systems, nutrition, herbology, somatics, psychology, philosophy, therapeutic systems for animals and utiIizing animals, leadership and group dynamics, native healing therapies and systems, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine. Art, sound, and color therapy systems, Bach flower remedies, circadian cycles, coaching systems (EGE, EAGE, and Women and Horses) Reflexology and EFT, critical and logical thinking, environmental energy dynamics, numerous meditation styles, cleansing and detox protocols, PEMF, Photonic light, Accupressure, therapeutic herbalism, and I am still going. I totted my client hours up once, and it was over 10,000 client hours - I don't keep track any more:)


2) Then I realized as much as I might want to deny it, the Emotional Self is a necessary part of our highest health and connectedness.

I wrote My Happiness Book and My Happiness Handbook, started offering free webinars, and an online Masterclass.

It took traumatically loosing several family members and having a come -to - Jesus moment of clarity to get through to me that our emotional state matters to our health. Since then I have researched and read over a hundred books on the topic of happiness, life purpose, and resilience. I have written several articles and spoken on the topic of happiness because I believe it is a great handle to use when we want to become emotionally strong and capable.

3)  Finally, I worked my own four step process to develop a Spiritual connection that supports and inspires. I now incorporate this into my How to Be Happier Workshops and Spirit Apprenticeships. 

I have witnessed miracles, magic, healers, shamans, gurus, mystics, and everything I have ever dreamed of. The flat, mundane, everyday world is only the beginning of what is possible. There is a whole Universe waiting for your discovery.

All of my work has this as the common denominator: moving people to their higher purpose by creating a sustainable and holistic self practice.  


I did this interview a lifetime ago and
in a galaxy far far away.
I have since closed the Essential Wellness Learning school, but my beliefs are the same.
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