'I highly recommend Becky Howell...she provided many new ways to view and approach challenges, along with insight for solutions and improvements.  With positive confidence and support, she motivates people to look deeper at root causes, connecting factors, and reasons behind the challenges. Her direct and relational insight helps people be calmer, more confident, wiser, and stronger!' Kathy L., Illinois 
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Author, Speaker Becky Howell has more than twelve years as a business owner in the wellness industry. She has been an instructor, equine guided-facilitator, therapist, coach, and retreat host. 

Sharing from an approachable and grounded center, Becky speaks of the little-known greater understanding that there Is a deeper journey to be had than happiness. Further, healing is real and accessible to all. Becky holds as truth that every person has the ability to reach the full potential of humanity and that positivity is transferred to her audience.


Her coaching, writing, and speaking lifts and empowers people so they can make changes for themselves, leading to personal and professional success beyond expectation. Becky has also developed her own four-step protocol for moving people from stuck to success quickly. 

​Having accumulated more than 10,000 client hours over her intense career, Becky has the education, experience, and compassion to expertly hold her audience in a transformative space where drastic transformations can be made.

Popular Speaking Topics
1) What's Beyond Happiness?
What else is possible to reach our full potential?
2) Success is an Inside Out Process.
Inside dialogue determines outside success.
3) Happiness Hacks
Shortcuts and cheatsheets for emotional intelligence.
4) The New Direction of Healing 
Are you ready for what real holistic work can bring to your health?

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  • 2 Hour Interactive Workshop Model
  • Half-day Intensive Workshop
  • Full Weekend Retreat
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Panel Speaker 
Every effort will be made to be accommodating and work with your speaker budget. Please get in contact with Becky for a customized bid.
Discounted bulk purchase of either (or both) of my books are available for every attendee or swag.

What are people saying about Becky's speaking?

"Becky came highly recommended and did not disappoint! Her presentation was thoughtful, relevant, engaging, and informative. Our members thoroughly enjoyed listening to and learning from Becky."

Mary-Lynn Foster, Co-Founder, BIGG Success and Programs Chair for Executive Club of Champaign County

Past Speaking Events
Champaign Executive Women's Group, Champaign, January 2019
Podcast Guest with Carrie Severson on the Unapologetic Voice January 2019
Choose your Life Summit, December 2018
Champaign Public Library, Champaign, December 2017
Common Ground Co-op, Urbana, July 2017
Guest on Exploring Awesome podcast with Jim Kellner.


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Featured on Living Fabulously with Bev Podcast

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