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Is It a 'Me' Problem... or an Actual Problem

Learning to Love Yourself Through the Eyes of a Horse: Ways to See Clearly

If you have had horses for more than a hot minute... especially if you have had more than one horse... and serendipitously... miraculously... somehow... all of your horses end up presenting with the SAME problem - it can feel a little pointed. It might be a bucking issue or a bolting issue or an unsoundness issue. And your first, second, third, thirty-third thought is 'Holy Gravy Train... do I really need to go buy ANOTHER horse (hay burner)??'

How do you know if the problem you are experiencing is actually a problem... or is it a 'you' problem, as in: 'you are the problem' problem?

You see, there are obvious problems like a poorly fitting saddle that makes all your horses buck... or is the lime chip you put down too aggressive for barefoot horses, or are they not sleeping in the pasture because they don't feel safe...

Then there are the tougher situations to sort out. Are you causing unsoundness by gripping too hard in the saddle? Are you clenching your hands and not giving as you should to follow through with the motion? Or are you inventing reasons to not ride? These are 'you problems' and you need to realize that buying a new horse won't give you a 'get outta jail scott-free' card. Because 'you-problems' and 'me-problems' will follow us anywhere... even to a life without horses. And these problems WILL and HAVE and ARE showing up elsewhere in your life.

So you can decide if horses are the best deducers and pointer-outers EVER... or you are cursed by some ancient horse god for not giving enough cookies...

If you would like to get the rest of the story, including ways to KNOW if it is a 'you' problem, or an actual problem - please sign up for the membership plan when it is posted. As you know, horses aren't free! :)

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