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Release limiting money beliefs and open to in-flow

Firstly, what does MoneyMonth do for you?


In a nutshell....
*** Money Month gives you the INFORMATION TO QUIT making the same MONEY MISTAKES because you will know the drivers behind that behavior!


        No more wondering... how the eff did I get here again?

*** You will know how to SCRIPT your NEW MONEY PATTERN so you don't get CAUGHT again, and... actually make financial ground...  instead of struggling to catch up.


You will stop using money in a negative fashion to prop yourself up...only to have it ultimately make you feel bad about yourself.

****We bust out ALL the financial and economic past stories, old dialogue, and heritage blocks that you have... so that you can start fresh and not carrying all that crap on your shoulders AND have effective inner dialogue about money.

**** We script new manifestations, new potentials, and work with raising your vibration to allow and ACCEPT in-flow! 

If you can't accept compliments, how can you greet abundance??

Bonuses, private group, 1:1 calls, group calls, support. Sure we do all that too... This gets deep into our skeletons and back alleys - you don't have to share if you don't want to, but then you won't get as far either;) 

*** Seriously amazing bonuses ****

*How we can use relationships to understand economics and vice versa

* Top 5 apps for money tracking and budgeting

*How to live high on the hog without breaking the bank

I have a few openings if you would like to get a bird's eye view of your money behavior... this is the first step to getting control of the carnage! ;)

Book one of my 'Understanding Your Money Pattern Sessions' on my calendar if you are ready to make a HUGE positive change and are tired of pissing your dollahs away.


What my peeps say after taking this program: 
'I loved MoneyMonth, really made sense to me and now I can see a way out!' 

'This program would have been a steal at half the price! And the community support was great, I loved not feeling like I was alone or a failure at this.'

'Why didn't someone point this out to me sooner? It would have saved me so much time and money. MoneyMonth is right!'

'I love,love,love the 3 videos you put together! I often feel like I have imposteristis. I've watched the videos several times now and have taken your advise and made a list board. It truly has changed my mindset and am doubting my imposteristis!!! It was a great way to bring all of my knowledge and experience into the light. Making me feel confidant and resolute that I know a lot more then I give myself credit for. Thank you for sharing!!!'

'I loved my last worksheet! I loved this. I had a terrible time asking for raises and things when I worked for someone else. My husband used to get so angry with me so this really helped me to see what I where my hangups are and what I can do about them.'

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