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Online Masterclass

Online Masterclass

The Online Happiness Masterclass runs a few times a year and is crafted to go deeper on specific topics.

February 2019: 

For Professional Women: Bedroom to Boardroom

Why we feel unwanted, unhappy, and unloved!

So really... what can you expect from this online masterclass and will it be worth it?
Women are asked to multi-task to extreme levels and slip into 4-6 roles a day... all while making it appear effortless! Is it any wonder we have a hard time relating and communicating our authentic selves? Is it any wonder we fight anxiety, stress, depression, and bone deep tiredness?
My goal throughout Bedroom to Boardroom is to guide you back to honesty, absolute clarity in your wants and desires, and being able to fully accept yourself as a sexual creature without shame.
Can you imagine allowing your definition of femininity to come thru with your partner - without it feeling weird or awkward, or relying on something to take the edge off - and being able to stand your ground and speak powerfully at work the next day?
How often do you get the chance to talk about and understand YOU. Your life, your work-play balance, sex, and harmful assumptions and associations that are endemic in today's world? Let's unpack all that crap we lug around and retool ourselves so that we can live the life we want.
  **As a fully expressed, wanted, loved, happy woman! **
What changes can you expect from this Masterclass?
- Say good-bye to limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.
- Discover how to show up as the whole you.
- Realize how poisonous and unrealistic modern day assumptions are for women's bodies.
- Find the joy in showing up in your body.
- Forgive shame, guilt, and embarrassment.
- Feel worthy in your relationship.
- Accept yourself.
- Allow yourself to give and receive love.
- Explore what it means to feel free, open, and sexy.
- Understand what you need, expect, and want from your partner.
- Move past defensive patterns and overused toxic speaking styles.
- Consciously create new systems in your relationship to handle friction points.
- Learn how to set-up and encourage heart-connected communication.
- Realize the difference in communication, words, and assumptions between you and your partner. 
- Discover techniques to consciously move between your masculine and feminine sides.
- Introduction to the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies and why they are the ticket to accepting abundance.
And if you really can't bring yourself to interact in the group, or be visible in it... let me know and I will send you a synopsis of that content. Not as good as being there, but next best thing:)
Nuts and Bolts
Once a week I will release our topic. 
This will be in the form of a short video with crazy good content, story, and techniques to try. Attached will be guided questions for exploration, journaling prompts, and extra resources. Then we will have a live Q&A in our private group to wrap the week up. Finally, individual questions may be emailed or messaged at any time!
Starts February 2019!
12 weeks 
Purchase your seat for $220 if you like the topic - these do change and I limit attendees.
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Guest Expert will be Asha Gray. She is an LPC and promotes sex positivity, consciously redefining our sexual identity, and how to relate and communicate with our partners. Asha has just recently had an adorable baby, received a license to practice in Virginia as well as D.C. and is heavily involved with dance, performing arts, and martial arts.

'Fulfillment for me is helping my clients achieve the skills and techniques they need to feel satisfied, able to manage their personal or relationship concerns and acquire their goals. I come from a varied background having worked in fields from martial arts instructor to zoo keeper but always in teaching and caregiver roles. I enjoy helping people find different perspectives and working through hardships. I graduated from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in 2007 and having been working with a variety of populations ever since as a LPC. Currently, I am working toward my AASECT certification and provide sex, body and gender positive therapy.'

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