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I LOVE Gardening

And I can't wait to help you find your passion for playing in the dirt:)

I started off with a small organic garden and grew herbs for local restaurants as a teenager, I took crop sciences, agricultural classes, and majored in environmental toxicology at UofI, worked for a wonderful landscaping company, formed and sold my own landscaping company (BBs), studied therapeutic herbology, have been practicing deep organic methods and small-level homesteading in town for 17yrs. I absolutely LOVE doing this and am happy to show you what I know:)




Specializing in...

restorative, regenerative, and organic gardening methods.

Whether your main goal is to grow healthy, trusted food for the table, provide a backyard antidote to stress and anxiety, create something beautiful to share with your family, enjoy a very satisfying hobby, grow culinary or medicinal herbs, or make wildlife habitats... I can help you along your path.

Don't go through the frustration and expense of struggling along without the benefit of a guide. I must have spent tens of thousands of $$$ making silly mistakes (hello English Rose Garden) and learning how to mini farm in zone 5. You might as well benefit:)  

current offerings

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