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You want to dip your trowel into the glorious world of gardening, but are you stymied about where to start?


This is for you.

Beginning with a questionnaire to get to the bottom of your goals, aesthetics, wants, desires, what is a win, how much time you have to devote to this new hobby, and more questions that will save you soooo much time:) and money.


Then the dreaming over the winter with seed catalogs... one of my favorite parts - plant porn! With coffee. On a cold morning. Bliss. References and relevant gardening books suggested for your specific project.


Guidance for the type and style of garden you decide on, resources for what you are missing and professional landscaper secrets.


Two site visits (mileage included as long as not excessive) of 2.5hrs each. You can schedule when you want help... When you start your seeds? During transplanting? Planting into the garden? Or before all that with site selection? Site preparation? Compost and leaf mold starting? Plant shopping? No worries! It is up to you!


So in short, you get total mentorship for a full gardening season. 

Starts at initial contact and goes thru October (questionaires can start in December!)

Send me questions or vids of any gardening question you have, and you'll get a quick answer, specifically filtered to YOU and your garden and needs.

Skip the internet overwhelm:)


A few small gifts during the year (l$35-$50) of relevant gardener tools or resources or coupons. Every year I find new little special things to share.


<<I don't guarentee results, Nature is a fickle mistress, but the rewards and experiences make every year a gift. I only work in zones 5 and 6. I don't work with intensive greenhouse accounts any longer. I don't do hardscapes, use chemicals, or encourage monoculture.> 



Garden Mentorship

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