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Are you looking for how to be healthier and happier, naturally? Soon? And in a way that's fun and full of self-discovery?

I have a few ideas and ways to help: books and workbooks, bookclub, workshops, an online affordable Happiness Masterclass, and 1:1 intensives.
Below is an example of how you could access my work, but really, you can jump in anywhere:)  

Step 1

My Happiness Book and My Happiness Handbook are available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Step 2

The Online Happiness Masterclass is crafted to go deeper on specific topics. I will share the background info, all the stuff that got cut (because my editor is RUTHLESS:), and the crazy stories that happened during my research that are borderline unbelievable. PLUS lots more on the traditional healing communities I was so very fortunate to learn from. I run these a few times a year. 

In Person Workshops 'How to Be Happier'

Online Happiness Masterclass

understanding and achieving more happiness

your holistic health

holistic career or small business success

spirit apprenticeships

'Let Go, Heal, and Be Happy' Program or Fast Track Month. 

How to Be Happier Workshops

Step 3

Areas of 1:1 Coaching and Consulting:

Individual Programs


BUT, if you aren't ready to work one-on-one, I do offer pop up workshops! The in-person workshops are sooo much fun and filled with ah-hah moments. The energy and vibe you get from being in group of your peers searching for a solution is addictive:) These workshops are only two hours long, but the results you take home with you can last a lifetime. $115. 

Newest program offering:



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