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Freely  Walk
Equine life experiences and retreats

Life changing, instant clarity, and unforgettable...

Want a full sensory experience that will blow your closed doors off their hinges? 

Why offer Equine Experiences?

The bond between horses and humans is a truly beautiful thing to witness and experience. For centuries, equids have travelled, learned, and taught alongside their human companions. 
However, in these modern settings, how often do we actually stop and listen to what THEY are teaching us?

How often do we listen to the natural world?

Horses are innately intuitive, sensate creatures with instincts to guide them at every moment. 

We humans have suppressed intuition, empathy, and our openness to learning from the world around us. 

  • By opening oneself to the horse’s way of immersing in life, an individual is gifted an education in the immediacy of life, the body, and the spirit.

  • The very act of seeing internal processes, thoughts, and emotions made overtly external, accelerates the process of self-improvement. 


  • With equine coaching, the focus is on being in the body, being of the world, guiding a person back to themselves and out of the monkey mind.

  • We are reunited with what matters to us and able to quickly find our focus, strength, and intention.

  • Equine experiences teaches us how to be leaders without ego and followers without shame.


  • We are able to establish the missing connectedness to the universe.


  • Horses guide individuals toward a healthier sense of self during the course of the session. 


  • During your experience, we identify future goals and develop a healthy self-knowledge, inside feel, and responsibility.

...I got the most out of handling the horses myself- communicating with them and feeling that they trusted me. I also greatly benefitted from the location--getting away from the routine and normal perspective to free my mind to look at things differently. Also your belief and enthusiasm in what you are doing was evident and helped greatly...Overall I feel I gained a lot by forcing myself to look at things in a different light... I do believe that their actions and your work to interpret them in light of my stated issue was a very valuable tool in looking in new ways and with confidence to address my issue. I felt a sense of freedom by getting outside myself with support both animal and human to look into myself.  AR, IL.

..I feel at peace and less stressed. Keep seeing horses running in my sleep. I was able to find the clarity and answers I was looking for...I knew that I put up a guard when I would get hurt... but I need to listen to my heart at times and not my thoughts. I discovered that I want companionship but it’s also ok to be me, freedom to do the things I love that make me feel good...feeling at peace. I thought it was really neat how two of the horse touched my heart with their nose and put their head on my shoulder. The entire experience was fascinating. TM, IL.

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