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 More and more people are unfolding their gifts and becoming lightworkers and now is a good time cuz the world definitely needs us!

I have spent the past twenty years learning over 6 different frameworks, amassing 52 health and healing certifications, completed two (still working on one;) apprenticeships, read 207 (and counting) relevant books, and am finally going public with my work!

I guide journey-level lightworkers in their transformation to Mastership in an accelerated and supportive framework through my apprenticeship programs.

 I only offer Apprenticeships for these people:

 1) You have the beginnings of a gift and need to develop it. You are being called to serve in some way and need to understand how to help others.

2) You want to dig deeper and fully, completely, indisputably, become a master practitioner of your chosen sphere. Helping others might come later, your journey right now is to boldly explore your possibilities.

3) A holy mix of the two;)

Do you have questions about how to relate to the Universe?

Are you getting snippets of a conversation and want the whole message from Spirit?

Are you sensing an inner pull but don't know how to fully step into your gifts?

Are you being called to serve, but don't know how?

Do you need help deepening your spiritual practice and gifts? 

I have two different support structures to my Apprenticeships. We all have different life circumstances and are at various stages of our journey so I have two different flavors to meet most needs. 
1) Self-paced DIY apprenticeship program. This is lower-key, less pressure, and feels like I am walking beside you and will be there to help if you trip. You take the lead in designing your package with my guidance, we talk over what you want to accomplish, we decide on a timeline, and at the end of working together- you will be exactly where you want to be, plus more! Just like magic! 
2) My Mastership Program. It is sustainably paced, nudges (not pushes) for growth, expansion, and deep digging. It is three sets of 5months, however you may renew, cancel, or pause after each of the 5month blocks. This program gives you expertise, confidence, and Mastery over your gift and how you choose to use it.
What does the program consist of, you ask? Each program is completely unique to the individual - more so than ANYTHING else I have seen out there. If you are dedicated and feeling called to explore your gifts, please use the email form below and tell me about yourself.
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