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Are you scared and angry that you don't even know who you are? You don't know what being authentic or free even feel like?
Are you stressed, anxious, and maybe even too proud to reach out for help?
I can coach you to know yourself, release your anxiety, and teach you how to be the blazing spirit you were meant to be!

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Release & Discover 90Day Program

This program is for those that want a true transformation in their day to day existence and for the experience to be present for the rest of their lives. It is for those women, like you, that feel there is more to life and it is passing by so quickly!


Do you sometimes feel like you are missing out on the full human experience and just playing roles depending on where you are clocked in? 


My Release & Discover 90Day Program condenses a 20yr search and study into a pivotal experience that will blow your socks off!

We will explore who you are and uncover gifts, past stories, limiting beliefs, your own energetic personality profile using a system designed by me, strengths and things to work on, and understand your 'becauses'!  Thus giving you the first accurate and complete whole person portrait you have ever had. 


We will clear old stories and have you write new, empowering life dialogue. We will dive deep into your anxieties and fear and lift them away with new understanding. You will have tips and techniques from a variety of disciplines to pull from for sustaining self care. We will cover the trinity of selves, how that manifests in your life, and how to be authentic and brave in your presence. 


We will cover cognitive dissonance and how that can play a large role in chronic anxiety.


You will learn to understand your anxiety and fear for what it is, you will be able to tap this part of your wisdom for communication. You will transition from being handicapped to free! 

I only offer my best work, and I am most effective on a One:One basis. Therefore I can shift your program to include more time on one module and less in another if that is what YOU need. Isn't that neat?


At least one week on releasing the fear of being judged or feeling inadequate. This is huge!


At least one week on clearing anxiety around money, lack of money, and poverty contracts. 


Bonus content from my science and medical background:

*Food items that can contribute to anxiety*

*Natural ways to get sleep*

*Alternative health techniques to help combat anxiety*

*Three Guided Meditations to Release Tension and Stress*



This program includes:
  • Weekly program module that may be adjusted depending on what we uncover in your discovery call and as we proceed through the program.

  • Weekly private 90min one-to-one calls for the first month, 60min calls for the second month, and 45min calls for the last month.

  • Accountability emails and follow-up.

  • *Bonus Content*


$3757 due before day 1, or three payments of $1370 (first, fourth, and seventh week). 


This program will require you to be honest, motivated, and dedicated to improving your life. You can only reap what you sow and I don't want to waste my time or your's if you are not ready to make a change. This is good business practice  -AND-  protection for me as I become invested in you personally.

To schedule a complimentary Discovery Call, use this quick email form;)

Power Day Intensives

Can't wait three months?  I get it!! I am the QUEEN of Impatience;)  If you are one of those people that hate to wait then this is the program for you! You have identified an issue and want to take action RIGHT NOW!  


By getting very specific in what you want to resolve, we can create lasting results in a day! 


Power Day Intensives are fast paced, strong, and intense. If this style of communication and interaction doesn't work for you, please consider my 90Day Release and Discover Program. Be prepared to get honest immediately. I take what I do seriously and for us to have a successful solution for you in one day... I need you to be ready to go deep quickly


Structure of Power Day Intensives:

Our Discovery Call will focus and highlight the area you want to work with and we will book five hours (plus 30min break in the middle).  $2097 is due 12hrs before your Power Day Intensive begins, you may elect to do 2 payments of $1100 if you prefer.


After our Discovery Call I will send a starter kit for you to play with before the big day.


The day of, I will Skype you, we will examine what my starter kit brought up for you, and then we will cover some serious ground!

I will send you a follow-up after our day together for final thoughts.

To schedule a complimentary Discovery Call, use this quick email form;)