Understand your anxiety without

   spending years in therapy, 

   feeling like you're crazy,

   being prescribed drugs,

   or wasting time on meditations

            that don't work for you! 

You experience anxiety around finances, relationships, Monday mornings, job presentations, social settings, what you should do with your life, it could be everything or it can be limited to a certain area in your life.


 It squeezes your chest, gives you migraines, and upsets your GI tract.  

You have trouble sleeping ~ or ~ you want to sleep all the time as an escape.

It basically fucking sucks...

                  because it can take over your life.

And make you feel like a hypochondriac,

or a drama queen,

or a nutcase

and that you never want to leave your house again!

And you should be able to just get over it already!

I suffered from debilitating anxiety for years.

Between running out of funding for my graduate studies, contracting fibromyalgia, being sunk with overwhelming debt, losing family members to cancer, and trying to save a crumbling marriage -

I have been in your shoes.

My garden was my salvation and I didn't leave it for about 2 years.

The rest of the world felt dangerous and too peopley.





I had such harsh chest pains I thought I was having heartattacks!

My doctor LAUGHED at me, told me I needed to learn to calm down, and gave me some pills that made me sleepy all the time but did NOTHING for my stress levels. 

So I tried to find my own coping mechanisms...

alcohol to numb the anxiety, sleep to escape, filling my life up so much that I would be too busy to think, cutting everything out, and hermiting... Did I mention for two frigging years!!??

And none of that worked either.

I was so frustrated and raging mad, I remember literally seeing red.

I was ready to KILL someone for answers.

And it was being that angry that slapped me back to reality. 

Because if I was ready to kill to find answers, then I had nothing to lose by trying to find the answers to anxiety and stress myself.

Believe me when I say, I know where you hide. 

I know how tempting several glasses of wine a night can be.

And how quickly that can lead to more.

I know how it feels when your thoughts drift to stopping the pain and confusion

     - and then you snap back, mortified and sick of yourself.

When you are so angry and depressed and exhausted and alone in your head that finding an ounce of strength or a smidge of hope is hard.


I learned, assimilated, and have been teaching natural and alternative methods for health and wellness for fifteen years.

I see you. I know you.
I was you.
And I can help so that 
your life,
your family,
your purpose
 aren't put on hold.
Don't waste years like I did,
blindly hoping that something outside of me would change so that I wouldn't have to.

We will explore who you are and uncover gifts, past stories, limiting beliefs, and your own energetic personality profile using a system designed by me.


We will uncover both strengths and things to work on, and understand your ‘becauses’!  Thus giving you a base to work from.

We will clear old stories and have you write new, empowering life dialogue.


We will dive deep into your anxieties and fear, and lift them away with new understanding. You will have tips and techniques from a variety of disciplines to pull from for sustaining self-care.


We will cover the trinity of selves, how that manifests in your life, and how to be authentic and brave in your presence.

We will cover cognitive dissonance and how that can play a large role in chronic anxiety.

You will learn to understand your anxiety and fear for what it is, you will be able to tap this part of your wisdom for communication. You will transition from being handicapped to free!

At least one week on releasing the fear of being judged or feeling inadequate. This is huge!
At least one week on clearing anxiety around money, lack of money, and poverty contracts.


*Food items that can contribute to anxiety
*Natural ways to get sleep
*Alternative health techniques to help combat anxiety
*Three Guided Meditations to Release Tension and Stress

*Equine-guided experience to give you priceless feedback in learning to control your inner dialogue and emotional-energy state!* 

Release & Discover 90day Program
Release your old fears and discover the carefree you.
Inside To Implement 60day Program
Learn how to show up in your life!
This program answers the fear of showing up and being powerfully visible for entrepreneurs.
Are you afraid of getting attention, shy when people 'look at you'? 
Honey, by shrinking inside your skin, you are doing those around you a HUGE disservice.  
I designed this program for business owners that needed to find their inner strength to be outwardly visible... but many other women have successfully used this program to be heard at work, to set family boundaries, or to open the way for a new relationship.  
By utilizing your own unique gifts to be successful, you can finally show up bigtime and unapologetically! You will release limiting beliefs so that you CAN succeed and create room for cascading abundance. 
Realizing WHO you are, the WHOLE you, and leveraging your talents is incredible and makes everything so much easier.
*Personality assessment and compatible business style archetype
*Easy ways to be an introvert at the office
*How best to work with introverts
*Money and Men
Are you ready to start your journey?
Let's set up a time to chat and see how I can help you!

What would it be worth to you to feel carefree? 


Excited again?

Strong and motivated?

Able to handle anything that came your way?