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Why is it soooo uncomfortable to seek out help, especially around money!? 

You realize you want more than what you are making...

and you know if you want different results...

 you must use different actions.

But why is it so hard?


At one point I had maxed every credit card I had, took out a personal loan, and spent all my student loans…

AND still wouldn't admit I had a problem!
I kept thinking I wanted to dig myself out (ego) before I asked for help (fear of being vulnerable and denial).

Finally I realized my ego was going to have to take a backseat or I was going to end up eating cat food!


let's be honest, 

usually other things are going down the crapper too. 

It is very very very very common (get it? NOTHING to be embarressed about here;)
to also have scarcity and lack in the:
relationship department, 
how we feel about our physical appearance,
and general self-confidence.

So why do we fight change so much???


Especially around something as IMPORTANT AND BASIC as money stories?​

Because we aren't supposed to admit we need help.


Seeking help means change.

It means getting vulnerable.

It means opening that box of emotion and everything else we pretend we are ok, that we 'got' this...


Because no one likes a whiner, right? 

Because you are 'supposed' to have this together by now right?

It means admitting mistakes and letting go of ego so we can move on and up.

And that quite frankly, scares the shit out of us;)

So if you are ready to move into what is absolutely possible for you...
 If you are ready to accept abundance into your life...
If you are ready to have a rich, easy, happy, fulfilling life that you can barely even imagine right now...
Book an initial chat so that we can see where you are blocking abundance in your life.
Prices for my Insight to Abundance 3month program go up Janauary 2017.

'I loved this. I had a terrible time asking for raises and things when I worked for someone else. My husband used to get so angry with me so this really helped me to see what I where my hangups are and what I can do about them.' AH

'You have doubled my income, helped me make crazy strides in how I feel about myself, improved my relationship, and I will have cleared all of my debt (minus mortgage and car) in just a few more months. And great things are happening for me. 

I feel alive again.' AB

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